Naming Ceremonies

A Naming Ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved, as they pledge their love and support for you and your child.

The ceremony is also designed to announce the safe arrival of your child and to invite friends and family to meet, to express their wishes and hopes for the future and to officially welcome and celebrate your child into the community.

A Naming Ceremony is the time when the involvement of different people in the life of the child is recognised. You may want to nominate two people who can be given the role of Godparents or Mentors to your child.

These people are chosen by the parents of the child based on who they feel will be good role models and help in guiding the child in life and possibly stand in as carers if needed.

Some children are named shortly after birth, but the first birthday is also a popular time for others. Sometimes, other children in the family are named at the same time.

The age of the child or person is not critical, an adult can also be named. Naming Ceremonies are tailored to each individual, by working together we will prepare a unique and loving ceremony, which sincerely expresses your emotions and hopes for the future for your son, daughter or whatever relation you hold to the naming person.

Certificates are presented to parents, grandparents/ godparents as a record of the occasion.

Cost:  $250